Certified Yoga Instructor

Alignment Based
Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga

Prenatal & Postpartum
Corrective Exercise Specialist 
Birth Doula/ Labor Support

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    1 hr

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Prenatal Yoga, Labor Support &
Postnatal Recovery
Yoga is an amazing tool for women to navigate their own unique journey into motherhood. I am a certified prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise specialist trained to support women looking to prevent and recover from pelvic floor issues and diastasis recti (ab separation). I have been teaching prenatal yoga for over 2 years now and recently completed a course to become a birth doula. I am excited to be offering in person labor support for birthing people and their partners. 




"I started taking Anne’s amazing yoga classes when Covid hit; they were a God send to me, helping me

de-stress and create more joy in my day. I take Anne’s classes now 3 times a week! Anne is an incredibly well-educated and intentional teacher. Each sequence builds upon another for a well thought out purpose that scaffolds growth. Anne is well-paced, never moving too fast or too slow. Her classes make you feel strong and empowered yet simultaneously relaxed and freed. I have learned so much about how to properly place my pelvis and spine muscles and have translated into my everyday life. Highly recommend taking Anne’s class!”

-Shannon J. (Nashville, TN)

"I did several private prenatal yoga sessions with Anne and was so grateful for our time together. I truly think these sessions allowed me to have a smooth labor and delivery experience. She showed me breathing techniques, taught me how to engage and relax my pelvic floor, and gave me positive mantras. I felt strong, prepared, and at peace during my labor. Thank you, Anne!"


-Rosemary F. (Chicago, IL)

"Anne was one the first yoga instructors that I met at CPY in Chicago when I began practicing in 2015. Her classes were quite influential and shaped my yoga practice early on. Anne approaches her teaching with intent and has incredible depth in different styles of yoga - vinyasa, hatha, restorative and even SUP Yoga. She really takes time to listen to her students, and adjust the practice/sequences to suit their needs. I'd highly recommend practicing regularly with Anne and experiencing the benefits of yoga practice. Also, her yoga playlists are amazing!" 

-Keval S. (Chicago)

"One day I met Anne in the yoga center, I talked to her - my feelings about yoga, my frustration on practicing and she encouraged me that I have no need to push myself but I should find the way to enjoy the process, to appreciate what you can achieve and that’s amazing! I am very grateful to share my yoga experience with Anne."

-Aiko M. (Hong Kong)


“We worked with Anne to create a virtual fitness fundraiser for Code Your Chances, a nonprofit with a mission to inspire a new generation of female leaders in computer science and in STEM fields. Anne was very professional and her teaching style made the class accessible to all of our participants across various age groups and skill levels. It was a joy to work with Anne and I would definitely recommend her for your next group event or fundraiser!

-Dominique R. (London)

"I had only started practicing yoga when I first attended Anne's classes- she has been the person who has inspired me to keep practicing and pursuing yoga! Anne is a wonderful teacher. She is clear and concise with her instruction, patiently guiding and caring for all members of the class. She made me feel welcome and comfortable in her classes all the time from when I first started off to when I wanted to try a more advanced class. Her compassion, enthusiasm and love for yoga truly shows. Thank you Anne!" 

-Jenny W. (Hong Kong)

“I first joined Anne’s class when I was overwhelmed by the multiple demands of life and feeling stressed.  It was amazing that every time I walked out of her class, I immediately felt much stronger and calmer. It was life transforming!  I loved everything about Anne’s teaching: her voice, choice of music, clear instruction with options for every level of students, and well-planned sequence with attention to detail between pose transition.  The one-hour class went by so quickly that I ended up booking two classes in a row to double the happiness. Anne is a real gem in the yoga community, and I am so grateful to have met her on my yoga journey.”

-Jessica C. (Hong Kong)


“Anne is a well trained yoga teacher with great skills, like knowing how to sequence and pace, and in-depth knowledge of the body or biomechanics. 


But what defines her as a great yoga teacher is CONNECTION. 


Anne is connected to the students, to the material, and to the moment.  It is a presence and energy that you can feel. Her teaching is alive and vibrant as she senses and responds to the energy and flow of her class.  


With that connection, students have the possibility of trust and transformation.”

-Bernice C. (Hong Kong)

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