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Side Plank for Side Core Strength

In this post we will be focusing on getting our transverse and side oblique core muscles to fire in side plank position. The key to firing our side core muscles in side plank position will depend on the alignment of our pelvis and ribcage. Form and alignment matter in yoga and will change depending on your intention and desired result.


-Side Core Firing in side plank

Optimal Alignment:

-neutral pelvis

-neutral ribcage

-lift hips, keeping side torsos even in length

-place hand on side body to feel for tone

-abdomen firing evenly (no doming)

In yoga there are lots of creative variations and transitions that can be used with side plank (ex: wild thing as backbend prep or full vasisthasana as a way to test balance and lengthen inner leg line). These variations are great - just have different goals in mind than the side plank alignment for core engagement we are discussing today.

If you are looking for more ways to get all the layers of your core to function in an optimal way I encourage you to watch this video I made about deep breathing. How we breath has a huge effect on the resting tone of our core muscles and can be the key to accessing deeper layers of the core.